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As a leading accountancy practice to members of the Bar, our professional reputation rests on providing a consistently high standard of financial support to barristers from a nationwide team of experienced accountants.

Our specialised practice has grown to provide an exceptional level of professionalism and expertise that barristers have come to rely on and trust. It’s all thanks to our rapidly expanding client base of satisfied barristers and the skill and expertise of our multi-disciplinary team.

Saving you tax and optimising your wealth

With an in-depth knowledge of your unique working environment, we deliver a comprehensive range of barristers’ accounts services and cost effective, high value solutions to meet your financial needs, minimise your tax burden and optimise your wealth.

And unlike other specialist accountants to barristers you may have come across, our fixed fee rates offer incredible value for money whilst providing an unparalleled level of service you can trust. And if you think higher fees mean a better service, why not evaluate what some of our clients have to say before you reach a decision.

How does your accountant measure up?

  • Do you wish your accountant was more fluid and dynamic?
  • Does your accountant do everything within their power to optimise and protect your wealth and assets?
  • Does your accountant offer you transparent, fixed fee prices that genuinely represent excellent value for money?
  • Do you have FREE and unlimited telephone access to your accountant, outside Court hours when you are free to talk?
  • Does your accountant provide added value services, such as the FREE completion of your VAT Returns?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself on a regular basis to ensure that you are getting the service you deserve and need from your current accountant.

How do I know if BarTax is the right accountancy practice for me?

The honest answer is you don’t, well not yet anyway. And we wouldn’t expect you to make such an important decision based solely on what you read here.

Like any successful partnership, our business relationship with you is built on trust, respect and our ability to deliver on our promises. But of course you won’t know if what we say is what we do until you find out more about us.

Get in touch with BarTax today

To arrange a FREE telephone consultation with one of our senior partners, please call our team of New Business Advisors today on 020 8144 6550 or send us an email.

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