BarTax iPhone App

This intuitive App, developed exclusively by BarTax, offers the perfect solution for barristers needing to record their business expenses when out of the office.

Programmed with current VAT rates and fuel mileage allowance figures, it allows barristers to accurately record their day to day expenses in seconds. And with the ability to allocate expenses on a percentage basis between business and personal use, users can quickly process costs, such as mobile phone bills. By recording business costs whilst they are fresh in the mind, barristers will save valuable time and money using this free App.

Smart technology that’s easy to use

This smart application also allows your barristers to email data to EXCEL or similar, such as in CSV format, either to their own personal account or directly to their accountant for processing. Featuring secure login, summary reports, business mileage and even recurring entries, this powerful App is an essential and flexible business tool for busy barristers.

Key Features

  • Designed for VAT and non-VAT registered barristers.
  • A speedy entry screen allows barristers to record expenses and mileage on the go. All entries can be easily amended.
  • A camera option to photograph expenses and receipts against relevant transactions and email directly to your barristers’ accountant.
  • Default categories for expenses which cover most aspects of the UK Self Assessment Tax Return, plus the ability to customise categories.
  • Summary reports showing VAT total for input VAT.
  • A powerful reporting feature shows total expenses by category.
  • Never miss a recurring expense again. Enter the cost and when it will reoccur. The App will then ensure that this is repeated at the stipulated frequency.
  • Mixed business and personal costs? This App will allow barristers to allocate by percentages between business and personal.
  • Based on your barristers’ accounting year, a full download can be used as the basis for producing expense totals by category.
  • Output accounts by email to a personal account for backup or more detailed review and directly to your barristers’ accountant. This can then be easily entered into EXCEL for analysis or reporting.

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